Level3 network problem

I’ve had a hard time surfing the net today, and i still can’t access a big number of sites. Sitepoint have been unreachable for hours and i can’t get much news from USA.

After some testing i had a chat with my ISP and after talking with my ISP i found out it’s due to some networking problems at Level3. Level3 operates one of the largest backbone networks and troubles there would affect quite a number of people…
too bad my ISP didn’t know much more about it…

Anyone else have some news or info about this?

that’s quite funny, you know my friend a few houses away from me have been using the net normal with no problems, with the same ISP as i. but i have been without connection for almost 2 hours and the rest of the day a lot of problems accessing the majority of sites i normally access.

some sites has been impossible to reach, while others has taken forever to load.

I can reach Level3 now, but i can’t see any news there related to the problems… :scratch:

hopefully they found a solution, and things are getting better

Hm, interesting. Doing tracert I can see my connection also goes through Level3, but I didn’t notice any problems whatsoever. I’ve been online all day (while watching World Cup on a side).

just had a chat with my ISP, they said the problem is solved and things should go back to normal again. they said the problem had affected people from several countries, but they had noe idea what the problem was.

so the sunday where i should get so much done online, turned out to be the day i didn’t do anything :lol: