Level out uneven boxes

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a little problem that I can’t figure out. I simply have a two column (three if logged in) site and the left content section sits just below the right menu column. It’s exactly the same if logged in and the third column appears.

I was wondering if someone could take a look and see if you could give me a solution to move it up a smooch to be level with the right column. I’ve attached a screenshot as well.


Thanks Paul, that did it. I’m not exactly sure why those <p></p> tags are there when that particular mod is loaded but I commented it out and the boxes are even now.

Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:


I can see that the left column is a little bit further down than the right column and is due to the default margins on the empty p element above it.


I’m not sue if that is what you were asking though.

I forgot, I had to remove a graphic to simulate what it looks like when logged in (when the boxes are uneven). Now you can see it.