Letting client update website?

My client wants to update his website when I am finished with it. Is this a mistake? The website was built with tables… I know, I know…
My client wants to be able to update text if need be in the future. Will this be a disaster waiting to happen? I suppose my client can get Adobe Contribute or an updating software that Godaddy supplies; the name escapes me right now.
What do you suggest I do when it comes to letting a client update the website once it is finished?
Updating the pages on this website

It’s his website, he can update it if he wants

One of the things you should ask before you even quote a job is whether the client will update the site, who will be making the updates, what level of technical skill they have, what type of updates they will be

The answers to those questions will tell you whether you need to provide a CMS or not

Yup, sounds like a CMS would have been the way to go. Whether you rolled your own or used an out of the box solution is up to you and your skill.

I’m with dan on this one. This should have been something discussed up front. Even if the client didn’t mention it, you should have asked. Also it should have been discussed who would own the source code. I’m guessing that didn’t happen either?

Thanks. Now I have to educate myself on CMS. :slight_smile:
Is this a disaster waiting to happen? I certainly hope not.

I always provide a control panel with my projects, where clients can add/edit their content.

Most end up using this feature, for spelling corrections, adding images here and there, and making the internet a uglier place for all… But hey, that’s what they want, and I don’t want to be bothered to fix a spelling mistake on X page made Y time ago, or “move this a bit lower”…

It’s so standard now you should assume that it will be availabe on every job. You can easily set up a CMS so that the client can’t do any damage. Sounds like you need just a simple option, so I’d recommend checking out either Perch or [URL=“http://surrealcms.com/”]SurrealCMS.

Very simple to set up. :slight_smile:

Very simple to set up. :)[/QUOTE]

i got same problem. nice, ill try it

I’d recommend CushyCMS

Since the site is already built it will probably take quite a bit of work to fuse it with a CMS without redoing the whole thing. Contribute is a viable option at this point, though I have to mention it is a developer’s worst nightmare as far as the crap code it spits out.

If you used templates with editable regions to create the site the customer will only be able to edit the editable areas using Contribute, and can create new blank pages off of the templates. You can tailor the editable regions to your customer’s needs.

However, if you did not use editable areas at all on your site then they will have access to edit everything and there is a high chance of them messing up the template somehow.

Conversely, if you used templates but did not use any editable areas your customer will not be able to edit anything except the title and keywords.

Besides all that about editable areas, there are tons of settings that you will need to be able to control/set up for the Contribute user when they come asking why they can’t access certain features. It’s a pain in the butt for developers, but it’s a “cheap” solution and preferable for some people since it looks and works more like Microsoft Word.

I always have clients that update their own sites. I like Wordpress for that.

I do let them know that if they mess it up I will have to charge them to fix it, they usually ask “how much does that cost…?” So I tell them it is usually not a big deal worst case scenario most site I can completely restore with in an hour or less.

It can be a big selling point to tell people they can have control over their site and update it whenever they want. Especially when your competitor tells them all tiny updates are $50 or more.

If the site is pretty much done and you know some php/mySQL you could just swiftly replace some major text areas with data pulled from a database and give him a form that he can use to change the text. Same with key graphics. You could do this in an extra week, don’t panic.

I agree with zipperz. If something goes wrong, you will just have another chance to earn money correcting their mistakes.

I also use wordpress for situations like this, but that doesn’t help you after the fact. Something you can keep in mind for the future though.

Lynda’s (I think it is Lyndas.com) has some good training videos on how to use WordPress.