Let's Market SP .NET Forum

Hey guys,

 I like the .NET Forum (and people) in all, but it get's kinda quiet sometimes. I was wondering if anyone has some ideas to get the word out that SP has a forum for .NET peeps? I thought I would go around some .NET circles, and fill them in, but does anyone have any other ideas? In other words, pimp SP!

My goal would be to have as many members posting here, as we have in the PHP Forums.

Anything to beat those jabronies would be golden.

The more people you get here the more bad advice you’ll see. We’ve got a select group of folks with their head screwed on straight. :eye:

With over 400,000 users, I think (as a whole) our community is probably representative of the majority of viable developers as is.

I would love to see more content and interesting discussions here, but php is the cool tech that everybody love and most of .net developers post on asp.net forums. Maybe if SP would give more attention to .Net things would change.