Lets check who is best analyst?

Hi friends,

Dont take this as serious conversation. it might end with fun but for sure we are going learn lot things from this post.

My question is we have few months to see 2015. What will be best technique to get good SERPs in 2015?

[Note: please dont speak about content, Its always King]

Hi stellajohn1 - I’ve moved the thread to General Discussions because, as you said yourself, it isn’t a serious conversation. Any reply can only be guesswork at this stage. (We’re not even two-thirds of the way through 2014, so it seems rather premature to start speculating about 2015. ;))

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I would think that doing the same things that we do :slight_smile:

Why 2015 will be any different?

After years of countless numbers of SEO-ers repeatedly saying how Google works and the few Google employees still not getting it right, I predict that in 2015 frustration will push a rogue group to storm the offices of Google and force them under threat of grave harm to finally do their job the way it should be done.

Ah - so search engines will start to work for the benefit of site owners, and abandon all attempts at giving searchers the best results? In that case, do you think they’ll be renames Site Engines? (Handy the initials will stay the same. :))

I don’t know how they will do it, but as long as every site is #1 in the SERPs regardless of relevancy then they will have succeeded and the hard working SEO-ers can take a well deserved respite.

Maybe they’ll set an option so you can configure it through Webmaster Tools?

Adding canonical was a step in the right direction.

New in 2015, a change to the sitemap file


Abandon all Google centric efforts. Yahoo! will rise to the #1 spot.