Let users select 3 of 12 products, downloadable

We have 12 downloadable products on a site each currently sold individually via simple PayPal Buy Now buttons. Client wants to sell in bundles of 3 for a discounted price. As far as I can tell, this isn’t possible with PayPal Website Payments Standard.

Is there a solution out there that can make this happen?

I’m not sure off the top of my head how you would do it with individual “Buy Now” buttons but you can definitely do it with a shopping cart and PayPal’s Website Payments Standard.

When the shopper adds an item to their cart you could check if the number of items in the cart is a multiple of 3 or not and if it is, apply the discount prices and whatever else you might need to do.

When the shopper clicks the “Go to checkout” button, you take them there only if the contents of their cart meet the minimum criteria you need for a valid set of cart contents. If they have valid cart contents then you take them to your checkout page and take them through the Paypal online payment process.