Let someone edit info on a page

I have a small website i am making for a friend and I want him to be able to edit information on the site by logging in and only having the option to edit text not any of the html/php. I have no clue how to even start to make this happen.

ok, it sounds like you have very little or no web programming experience.

if that is the case I think an option well worth considering is using something like CushyCMS (a free Content Management System) to set up parts of your website to be editable by others.

The other option is to start on a long and by no means trivial learning curve in web programming to do what you want.

Yeah I have no programming experience.
With the CushyCMS can I make it so only like two other people can edit it or is it open for all to edit?

you can restrict editing access to who ever you need to.

have a look at the link I posted earlier where they give much more info and a demo on how it works.