Left or centered aligned text on cards?

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I am putting together a design for some business and event listings in the form of cards. I am wondering what the best text alignment should be. To me, the centered text looks better, but maybe it’s jut me.

I have an example of left and centered here, but wondered what people think is the best/easier to read and fits well aesthetically?

I have a centered title above the cards

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Personal opinion, but I would center the title and the buttons and left align the paragraph text.


I still prefer everything centred, as I did the last time you asked this question. smile

Center or left alignment of content for cards?

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I also like it when the text is center-aligned, I once read a study on this topic and it was said that it is better to align to the left and stretch horizontally if there is a lot of text, it is better not to put it in the center)

I can’t think of any instance where it is a good idea to fully justify text.

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It’s used when there’s a lot of text, you can see it in books, white papers, websites, it’s done on the rules page and sometimes in articles. For example, in that study it was also said that the font with checks is read better, of course, I hardly believe it, but I think that if we are talking about a large amount of text, then this may be true

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