Left Nav Bkgrd Shifts When Clicked

If you take a look here, maybe you can tell me why when someone clicks on a link on the left nav, the background of the left nav shifts to the left (mind you, I’m looking at this on a 1024 width screen). I would like for the left nav bkgrd to stay the same width. The only time this doesn’t happen is when there’s no content on the right side.

How about some images?

The ‘about’ file shows what happens to the left nav bkgrd when there’s content on the right.

The ‘pr’ file shows what happens to the left nav bkgrd when there’s NO content on the right.

I would like the bkgrd nav to stay consistent, meaning, at the same width in line with the selected item.

I see this in a 1024px screen width; I don’t see it on a larger scale.

Are you talking about the column background image shifting position when the browser window is less that 1044px wide? That’s the only problem I see. It’s caused by the background image on the body not being connnected with the content in any real way. One soution for that is to set a min-width on the body:

body {
  min-width: 1022px;

Like I said, I’m viewing this on a 1024 wide screen and it’s happening in both FF and IE. If you’re viewing the site on a larger scale, you don’t really notice the flaw.

Could you explain the problem in more detail? The problem I was seeing does not sound like what you are describing. Ideally, you’d have the background column image in a wrapper that wraps around the content. But I’m not sure that’s the problem you are referring to.

What browser is this happening in? I don’t see it happening in firefox.

I tried using that on my local system and it didn’t make any difference.