Left justify label over input box

How do I left justify these labels over the input boxes? I can’t figure this out:

Thanks in advance for your input.

You’re welcome :)! Glad it worked.

Hi, ignoring the horribly invalid code (repeating an ID several times) you could simply set a width on the label :slight_smile:

#AdminBody {width:260px;}

Awesome, that works thank you!

Well it looked centered to me. That way was more of a quick fix anyway.

Remove text-align:center on the parent, That will make everything go on the left.

Give the parent some left padding and it will move everything over. That’s the simplest way :slight_smile:

You have invalid markup by the way, I’d create a new parent (a <div>) and wrap the labels/inputs in that, and give that the left padding (the text-align:center is set as an inline style on the form)

Work now, bye :slight_smile:

Are you harshing my amateur coding? LOL! So I guess a class would be better? I created a class of .FormBody and changed the width to 260 like you suggested but it still looks centered. I’m sure there are other amatuer coding fopas so feel free to let me know what the right way to do things is, I’m totally trying to learn this. Thanks!