Left column balls up

Like a kid getting lost in the creativity of building a sand castle and not keeping an ey on the tide comming in I have similarly took my eye off the css ball when fiddling with jQUERY.

Basically on this page i was doing the fiddling -
Got to the last image lightbox then looked up, Yikes the left column is overlapping the main content.

It is supposed to look like this:

I’m too tired to figure it out so if any one out there still has all cylinders pumping on a friday please feel free to suggest how I could fix the column :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph but Ive unearthed another prob illustrated in the above screen grab :frowning:

Basically on this page:
Ive got a secondary problem of green ticks appearing and the left nav enlarging when the mouse hovers over.

I want the left nav to look & behave like it does on this page -

Having copied the code from this page I didnt expect all these css glitches :frowning:

My question is please:
"Is there a way to get the left nav on page:
to look like it does on this page:

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Well despite me trawling firebug over the two web pages I still cannot figure why http://www.pauserefreshment.co.uk/cafe-coffee-machine-la-spaziale.html has inherited green ticks and a fint size bigger when pointing over the left nav links :frowning:

Time for another double espresso…

Yes sorry will apply this on Monday. regarding firebug I’ll run it through on Monday and see if it spots the mistake like it has for you. Have a good wk end the beer starts now!!

You need to discover Firebug :wink:

Line 642:

#content ul {
  padding-left: 165px;

BTW, you haven’t tried my fix for the loading gif. :frowning:

Hi Ralph - yes i didnt see what you saw for two reasons:
1 - I’m a slow learner
2 - I need sleep

Thanks for heighlighting, as soon as I get a mo I’m gonna fix it :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph current Wakefield UK weather:
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Humidity: 100% :wink:

Really? Didn’t you see that on one page, the sidebar is within the Content div (and thus picking up its UL styles at line 635) while on the other page the sidebar is outside of the Content div, thus not picking up its styles? That’s the difference.

Hmm, not sure. But I just opened the two pages in separate tabs and jumped back and forth, opening divs one-by-one. The differences were obvious then. Anyway, I’m glad you’re sorted now. And I hope it’s a sunny day in Wakefield! (I do enjoy your weather reports!)

EDIT: I didn’t notice if it was a mistake (a missing closing tag) or just a differently coded page. If a mistake, then of course the HTML validator would have let you know about the error.

Really appreciate your time on this & Ive (with your help fixed it). I ended up printing off the source code for each page bit I still couldnt see it was within the Content div they both still looked the same. So i just added a clossing div tag and it fixed it.

So my question is please is there a function in firebug which heighlights an opening div tag and a closing one so I could see it visually?