Left And Right Columns On Every Page

SitePoint Members,

 I have a left and right column on every page of my site and on every page the columns have the same text (link text to each of the other pages) .  I think it's practical for visiotors but hard on seo.  The site siteliner.com says the percentage of repeat content of my own content is pretty high but imple math shows the site is wrong on this. Even so, how do you resolve this seo problem without removing the columns?



It’s standard to have the same menu links on every page. Don’t worry about it. It’s not relevant to SEO.

A client of my company “solved” this by places pictures of the text they wanted on every page, with no alt text.

Basically they were saying “we praise the almighty Googles over real human beings with visual disabilities” which is kind of a big customer F-U in my book. They did it because an SEO guy came in and said that was the best thing to do.

If a search engine and its related algorithms rank sites lower because they offer consistent navigation to their visitors, the search engines have failed and their owners should not be rewarded for their retardation.

You could also just throw nofollow rel attributes on the links in the sidebars, except on the main page. It still seems like watching a rat perform silly tasks to get a treat, but it might actually be a real benefit.

I guess I’ll leave it the way it is. At least it’s programmed with floats so the links are seen last.