Left alignment?

Hello dear skilled javascript developers,

I need your wisdom on a little thing here :slight_smile:

I have this page http://www.europasprak.com/engine/modules/elearning/exercise/display_exercise.php?elearningExerciseId=1848&elearningSubscriptionId=438&elearningExercisePageId=3804

And I wonder why the tabs: La nationalité des personnes célèbres Exercice Exercice 2
are appearing on the right (as seen on Firefox and Chrome) on not on the left as they should.

Any clue ?

Thank you !


It is added to right because it is se to much space on the left, to the container Div.
The Div with class=“slider” has set left: 241px;.
Try change that value in css, or overwrite it to that Div.

You have this inline CSS on the div container:

<div class="slider" style="-webkit-perspective: 1000px; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; position: relative; cursor: default; width: 349px; overflow: hidden; [COLOR="#FF0000"]-webkit-transform: translateX(241px)[/COLOR];"> 

That is moving the div 241px away from the left hand side, so just remove that.