Lecture on SEO by GOOGLE (watch online)

I have found this nice lecture given by Google people. What they do is criticize a bunch of sites and explain what can be done to improve their “searchability”. The whole lecture is quite humorous, so it’s fun to watch.


Thanks for the link.

Incidentally, a thread at webmasterworld is critical about a recent update by Google, called Panda Update. Is it OK to give the link to the discussion here? The discussion is titled Google credibility after the Panda Update

hey stacy, i am sorry but the link you gave above was a parked on. not working…

That discussion seems to be a bunch of bitter webmasters who have had their websites crushed by Google’s altered algorithm.

In the eyes of the average user Google haven’t done anything. The “Panda Update” is a term only used by those in the tech industry and if anything the move has done nothing but increase Google’s standing as the leading search engine.

I’m glad that Google took a stand against spammers, and I’m willing to bet that an outstanding majority of people feel the same way.

Hey, where is the video ??? I can’t find any video link from your post.

The post clearly states that the video no longer worked, so it was removed.