Leaving AdSense


I’ve been using AdSense on my site for years. I was contacted by someone at AdKnowdlege telling me they wish to advertise directly on my site instead of going through Google, theoretically earning me more money.
So assume I talk to these guys and they impress me and i decide to go with them.

  1. Will I still be able to keep my Google Analytics account?
  2. Will I get banned/closed from Google AdWords for doing this?
  3. Will my Google search results be pushed down for using another service?

I know that these are probably newbie questions but my site is more of a web app. So I spend most of my time improving my server side code and not much time increasing … SEO/Internet Marketing…?
Anyways, any help would be appreciated.


There is nothing to stop you using multiple advertising services with the same site as long as you comply with all of their terms of service. Usually all that is needed is to ensure that ads provided by one service cannot be confused with ads provided by another service.

  • NO, you can keep google analytics with what so ever services you are offering.
  • NO. Google will bann your site only if you go against their terms and conditions.
  • NO

If your website is “Adsense for content” and the company approached you directly for advertisement then make sure you display the ads which is directly related to the one’s website who is advertising. This will help you to maintain the retention.