I need to talk to a person on just what to do and even if i have the right book to do a website? How do i do that? Thank you Lynn

You can start with simple HTML tutorials.

Actually, you just did… Simply specify where you want to go and what you know and your current experience and people will try to help you :smiley: It is that easy!

You may want to have a look to this thread… you’ve plenty of resources and book suggestions there :wink:

My book would probably suit your needs pretty well actually, it’s directed at people who don’t know where to start or what pathway to take (rather than just being a language tutorial). I’m not sure whether I could give the details without it being self-promotional so if you want to know anything you can always send me a PM and I’ll let you know if it’ll be useful to you. Other than that my best advice would be to take things slowly, think about what you want to produce and post your questions so we can answer them as they appear, after all, learning to build a website can be a full time hobby. :slight_smile: