Learning Web desisn from scratch, chronologicaly

I have found this site very useful. I am passionate about this web business and would LOVE one day to make dynamic beautifull websites but as a green person to this how can i learn chronologically, what books do i read and in what order without comfusing myself. im sure many other people would find this very helpfull. please if possible post responses to my email too, / email deleted /

I hope iwas clear.

hmmmmm :scratch:

if you’re sure many other people would find this helpful, why do you want replies emailed to you rather than posted here?

To answer your question, I was taught in the following order.

  1. HTML

  2. CSS

  3. Javascript

  4. PHP with database connectivity

Then you could move into graphic design or even maybe learn graphic design (Photoshop etc etc) in parallel to the above.

The above order has benefited me and is the order I would recommend.

Quickstart books are very good for the layman. They’re decent for getting a head start without having a background in the web.

I would go along with Kalon’s order of learning. You might start with W3Schools. They have great free interactive tutorials on all these topics. Highly recommended for a good introduction.

I learned a sprinkling of PHP before JavaScript and I’d argue it can be just as good to learn some PHP before JS (but maybe without the database connectivity). Just in order to learn how to generate HTML dynamically based on user input. A lot of the things learned with PHP (like string manipulation, arrays) are then useful when learning JS.