Learning Package Design?

I want to start to do package design. Can anyone suggest any good tutorials online that can teach me the principles of package design?

Here you go:



You could use any technique to create a package design. I think your main problem would be adding these designs to a package ‘skeleton’ (I guess you can call it that). This would require knowledge of the packages these graphics will be added to, for example; DVD cases will only need 3 sides - front, spine and back, whereas a full size box would need around at least 4, maybe more if you want to get creative.

Also, you should try researching other product packaging for ideas and inspiration, if you already have knowledge of any editing software such as Illustrator or Photoshop them I’m pretty sure you will be able to come up with something nice. If not, then just browse some tutorial sites to gain some knowledge on typography, colours, gradients and manipulation techniques.

If you just want to do this for fun, or for portfolio work then id recommend searching Google for package templates and then add designs to these. If your doing this for a client, then i’m sure they would provide these templates to you where you are commissioned.

Not everything can be learnt from a tutorial, try reading some design books that have case studies and talk about the fundamentals.

It’s a bit of a specialised field IMO, you need to be able to think about 3D objects easily, have an understanding of materials and production methods and be able to develop designs that really push the key messages and sell the product.