Learning Flash! I am wanting to try the advice I have recieved against your knowledge

Good day to you!

I am considering Flash! I have heard a lot about the future of web publishing and how frame works and foundations are important. I personally have a foundational approach using search-base platforms like HTML/CSS rather than unsearchable platforms consisting of strictly Action Script.

However I am seeing the importance of understanding different languages. First off… 78% of people in a poll about social media responded by referral as to 14% that responded to an ad. That means that the word of mouth search is still largely at play and that the language of flash platforms will survive in the midst of such heavy focus on ad-based search methods using Google.

There can be a focus on mixing the two languages and using an HTML approach for name recognition of your platform on search engines and then decide how much of the frame work will be action script.

What was suggested to me is that I don’t necessarily need to learn a whole entire new foundation. I can jump in midst stream and follow some framework schematics.

Further more it was suggested that if I learn action script as an additional language that I would need to take on Java Script to really appreciate the action script foundation.

What are your thoughts? Should I jump in the middle of the stream for ease and learn frameworks while studying foundation principles over time? What about Java Script as mentioned?

Your thought are welcomed and will be deeply appreciated.

Much thanks,