Learnable Ipad Support - System Requirements

Is there a System Requirements somewhere? (as in minimum device, OS, etc.)
I was thinking of signing up for the Learnables subscription, but am having issues. Perhaps, I’m trying to “beat a dead horse” and this place simply doesn’t work on an Ipad?

Thank you.

Could you provide more detail about your problem?

I’m able to view Learnable videos on my iPhone, but other than that, not sure what you mean. Are you having a specific issue?

Also, I’m assuming you’re talking about http://learnable.com since it’s married to this forum… maybe change the thread title to Learnable iPad Support or something to better indicate what you’re looking for, since this forum covers many topics?
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Great minds … I just did. I’ll also move it to Community, which is the area for general support questions.

I’ll call @tim_graham into this thread. He’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Hey there!

We don’t have a firm set of system requirements. Basically any modern web browser or a version of Internet Explorer after 10 and you’re golden.

That means you should be able to use us on an iPad without much trouble. We have a responsive design and spend a fair bit of time making sure that things work well on mobile devices. It’s been a while since I last checked personally though, so YMMV.

What I’d suggest is to sign up for a free trial. Then if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t spent anything but you’ll know for sure :wink:

(Thanks @HAWK!)

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Can you elaborate on the issues you are experiencing?

First off… I wasn’t looking for “free.” I don’t sign up for anything “free” because (in my few experiences) getting rid of “free” is more trouble than it’s worth.

And perhaps I should not have inquired here, but my thinking was that I’d check out the support and see whether I wanted to subscribe. I also assumed that since the forums are “married”(as JeffreyLees said) to the Learnables that it would give me an idea on how things work and whether I wanted to subscribe. …ie, if they don’t work in the forums, they’re not going to work just because her highness (me) decides to subscribe.

I have noticed that the forums are what I think of as a non-standard interface. I’m ok with that (or at least I think I am?)

The problems I am experiencing on my Ipad are “deal-killers.” I noticed that the forums are heavy on some sort of Javacript. I made sure JavaScript was enabled on the Ipad. What’s happening is that clicking on pretty much anything works once or if I’m lucky twice. Then nothing… I have set the Ipad aside for like an hour and come back to see the roundie-bars circle still spinning trying to load. Doing anything in the Ipad Safari browser, like tapping the back arrow, just ensures a kill. (One odd observation, in the desktop there are scrollbars at the side of the screen; on Ipad there aren’t. Don’t know if that means anything.)

I’m not sure what other details I can add. Other than that, it’s about a 33 percent chance things will work. That just doesn’t seem like something I want to pay for.

Learnable isn’t directly connected to the forum and was built entirely different. So the issues you have here, will not be the same at Learnable.

Learnable does let you try its services for 30 days free of charge (full featured), so you can try watching videos, browsing the content, etc. I highly recommend using the 30 days free trial. I believe you have to signup, enter your payment details, and then after 30 days it will automatically bill you for the next month unless you tell Learnable to cancel.

Good point. I will certainly consider it.
But, I’m still a little shy about signing up for things that don’t want to stop. For example, when we moved to a rural area we had Xbox subscriptions. And at the time, dial-up. Dial-up is not a good thing when it comes to Xbox gaming. I tried to cancel Xbox. It didn’t cancel. So I tried to do a charge card chargeback, but was told by the bank that I couldn’t because I had set up an “auto” payment. All’s well that ends well, since now we have slightly faster DSL and only paid 2 years of unwanted, unused Xbox subscriptions. Anywhoooo… not to eager to sign up for things that don’t work; just a personal bias.

None of the comments answered my question whether I should continue to attempt to make the forums (or Learnables) work on my Ipad. If it is not possible, I accept that. If it is possible, perhaps someone can toss out some clues?

The site seems to work OK for me on an iPad. The videos work fine. I recently upgraded to iOS8, so can’t now test it on an earlier version.

I unfortunately do not have an iPad, so I can’t answer it directly, but the creators of this software platform use iPads a LOT and to my knowledge do not have any issues with the forum… So I’m not sure why you are experiencing problems. Can you give us a bit more info about your iPad?

  • Which generation is it?
  • What OS version are you running?
  • What version of Safari are you using?
  • Are you browsing the forum using the Mobile or Desktop view?
    (click the Hamburger menu and if you see Mobile view listed, you are currently on Desktop; if you see Desktop, you are on Mobile)

Those are actually two very separate questions.

This forum should definitely work on your iPad. What version of Safari are you running?

Sorry I don’t know what version of Safari. Apple doesn’t even want me to know which Ipad I have (in the menus.) I had to wait for husband to come home to pry the shock case off so I could view back of unit to learn it’s an Ipad 2. (I’m not an Apple fan; this was a gift, but it’s kind of grown on me.)

It says 58.0 Gb, and it came equipped for wifi and Verizon. I have looked at all options that I could see, and it doesn’t tell me what version of Safari.

I’m starting to feel really stupid here; I don’t know what a hamburger is (other than the obvious) but the Ipad is definitely loading a mobile version of the site. …not too sure where I should be looking for the hamburger object/icon–here on the site or on the Ipad?

The hamburger icon is “3 bars” (I didn’t get it right away either)
not :hamburger: but

To find out the Safari version, click on Help → About Safari

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Go to Settings > General > About to get model info etc. It will also tell you what version of iOS you are using … and from that you can glean the version of Safari (by googling, I guess).

That’s only for desktop Safari, unfortunately.

I’d argue with a bunch of stuff people just told me, for example, clicking on “help-about-Safari—option to do so does not exist.” Be that as it may, you all jump-started my brain. I think I need to update the OS on this thing. I’m shuddering at the thought.

I still don’t get the hamburger thing. …what a dork I am.

Look at the top right corner of this page. You’ll see this next to your avatar:

That’s known as a “hamburger” icon.

Sorry, that’s my fault for having blinders-vision. What I see with Safari desktop is

but …

Thank you for the “hamburger” icon explanation. This site still isn’t working too well with the Ipad, with OS update.

I give up.