Learn How to Make Facebook Work for You

Last week, I wrote a blog post about our upcoming new course Facebook Ads 101 with FB Ads Lab owner Jennifer Sheahan. The course goes live tomorrow, but you still have time to [URL=“http://courses.sitepoint.com/facebook-ads/purchase”]sign up (although it’s filling up fast).

Here’s why you need to understand Facebook marketing if you have a website, product, or service to promote:

Casual Browsing versus Specific Searching

A University of Missouri researcher has recently identified two types of Facebook users: those who are content to browse around the Facebook network with no particular target in mind, and those who are searching for specific information (about friends, news, events, products, services, and so on).

Participants tended to spend much more time on social searching than social browsing. Not only did participants spend more time on social searching, but they seemed to enjoy it more as well.

What does this mean? Well, if you have a product or service to sell, chances are someone somewhere on Facebook is looking for it. Even if you’re running ad campaigns in other areas of the Web, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie if you’re not advertising on the social networking leviathan. If your competitors know how to effectively market on Facebook, they’re seeing a boost in traffic that you’re without access to.

Target the People Who Are Looking for You

Jennifer’s course leverages the fact that people are actively seeking out your type of product, service, or website by showing you how to use customized, specific targeting parameters that allow you to home in on:


[]country, city, or state of residence
] gender
[] marital status
] age
[] education background
] employment industry
[] keywords used to describe themselves
] keywords used to chat with friends

If you have a business that relies on your technical expertise, whether it be web design or development, or anything else, you may not be inclined to invest much time in mastering Facebook advertising. You might prefer to jump straight into the PPC maze yourself and work it out as you go along. Learning what works and what doesn’t can be a costly exercise though, and you’ll find that this course is more than worth the signup price, as Jennifer gives you a blueprint for creating great Facebook ads that work.

Course Details


[]Starts: December 16, 2010
] Duration: 2 weeks (with a short break for the festive season in between)
[] Format: 8 structured lessons with 2 live webinars
] Cost: Only $47.00
[*] Sign up now!

The course sounds quite spiritual.

Is this Possible for any type of business. Means can we get more targeted visitor through Facebook.

This information is not enough.I want more info about facebook.

The course sounds more informative than some Online marketing courses.

Although facebook has a lot of benefits, it is limited to those who have a facebook account. Businesses should not rely on fb alone. Anyhow, the tutorial sounds interesting! :slight_smile:

Any one here experienced face book marketing. How much you are earning? Genuine replies please.

Hey, I don’t quote get what this course is about. All high phrases and no detail.

Enjoying the course. Thanks for putting hosting it. Many of the items Jennifer talks about not only effect facebook advertising but internet advertising in general. She has made a concise useful course. Whether you are just getting into, wanting to stream line your process, or want a quick review, I would recommend this course.

Are you actually doing the course and having trouble understanding, or are you finding the description ambiguous?

I was late. Just found this thread now. This course seems to be very helpful and I would like to give it a try I guess. So when will be the next set of schedules? It would also be very interesting if Jeniffer will have “how to make twitter work for you” course too.

The Facebook advertising ecosystem is a LOT more evolved than Twitter…

Facebook is where AdWords was 3 or 4 years ago. It’s ripe with opportunities, and prices for traffic are VERY low if you know what you’re doing.

Plus, the targeting is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t target individual Twitter users or geographies which means that Twitter advertising on networks like ad.ly doesn’t work for most local businesses.

I really need to learn how to effectively use facebook to market my business. I know that it is better for building relationships than selling anything. And I know facebook touches everything that everyone needs, likes, wants and knows way more about users than it probably should. I use twitter and I have a facebook fan page. I am too late for this class, but I would love to learn how to market short term health insurance effectively over facebook. I want to be available to clients who need me without being intrusive.

I wana know something about FB ads…Suppose we have a website (or two) and we have to promote these websites so how we can place the ads of relative sites on FB ads? And do we really gona have a real amount of traffic from FB?

Hey Reihaan,
I suggest posting your Facebook related questions in our Facebook forum. This thread is specifically relating to an online course.

And that’s the reason why there are a billion opportunities on facebook. Your business will be more visible in a local setting and that’s one the greatest advantage there for using facebook to boost your business’ earnings.

I think this facebook adds are not free, we have to pay for it. Right?

I’m a bit iffy on attempts to market Facebook. Throughout the three years I’ve spent on Facebook I’ve yet to see a single credible marketing attempt that has ever pushed me or anyone I know to want to pay for a product or service, and the only success I’ve ever known is from huge multi-national companies like Smirnoff and the Arcadia Group.

Outside of placing ads on the site I think Facebook marketing will go the same way as MySpace marketing did; people will think you’re spamming them and you’ll only damage your businesses reputation.

This is a nice eye opening piece on the advantages how to use facebook to market ones business but it is a bit shallow and it almost feels like the writer is holding something back. You should do a follow up more detailed piece. Twitter also has some of the mentioned features could you do a piece on that too

Referring back to syed’s question, anyone earning from face book marketing now?