There is a web analytics package out there called leadlander.

It’s quite good for business to business. It tells you who is visiting your website. So if you work in an industry where client aquisition is a high cost, because you know somebody at company X has visited your website, but not actually contacted you / made a transaction. You can pick up the phone and be a bit proactive and land extra sales.

The visitor must have a static IP address.

I am just wondering how leadlander gets the company name data from an IP address.

Is is simply because they have a database of business IP addresses mapped against who the company is.

Or is there another way…some kind of look up, a resource.

The info lead lander gives me for example is that someone form accenture in India has visited my site and there IP address is

How can I get the data "Accenture india " from the IP address , without using leadlander.