Lead Gen + Affiliate Marketing - Does such service exist?

Hey All,

I’m looking for a service that’s kind of like lead gen and kind of like affiliate marketing.

I want to allow some of the organizations we already work with to get leads when users fill out a form on our website.

And for each lead or action performed by the lead, we earn a commission.

I would like to do this without the organization having to sign up to an expensive affiliate network. The barrier to entry for the organization should be very low.

Basically, I would like to do the following with some organizations we already work with:

  • If the organization is interested in establishing this relationship with us, we place a form on our website to capture leads.

  • Visitors to our website fill in the form to get more info about a specific organization.

  • Each time the form is submitted, that organization receives the visitor’s contact information.

  • If the user makes a purchase, the lead gen software knows this and we earn a commission.

Does this type of service exist? If yes, what is this type of service or model called?


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