Layout Problem: Where do I put my submit buttons?

I’m having a bit of a layout problem. I’m finishing my design for a page that allows the user to select multiple items, click submit, and then get a features comparison of the selected items. The page is here. However, the items to be selected are very large, and I’m not sure where to put my form submit buttons. I put one at the top-right (in orange) as you can see, however it is only visible when the user is scrolled to the top of the page, and also when the user is not on mobile. I can place additional submit buttons elsewhere on the page, but I’m not sure where they can go and not confuse the user! What are your thoughts?

Thank you.

I wonder if your Compare Selections button should be greyed out and/or dimmed until at least one item has been selected? Also, maybe have the button be the same colour as the item highlighting when selected (right now that’s blue, while your button is orange). If the colours were the same, it might draw the eye better, and if the button was to “light up” as soon as you’d made at least one selection, that might make you notice it more easily too. If you were to make the Compare Selections button sticky on the right side, maybe that would help? (Or is that even recommended anymore?)

Thanks. I took your suggestions and made the selection color orange. I’ve also been hunting around for some JS code to make the button move with the page, but I haven’t found anything that seems fully compatible and what I need. Additionally, on mobile devices this will not work, because the sidebar collapses.

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