Layout issue in ie9. Please advise

RAW Health International

I am unfortunately running windows XP, so I cannot install ie9 to diagnose this problem. Been getting multiple complaints that the text from the body is overlapping the slide show in ie9 (see attached image)

Any ideas?

Thanks ahead of time!

It looks fine in IE9 to me.

What I think is happening is that the page starts to load and the JS only kicks in after a while. Before it kicks in, the text sits where the slideshow should be, as the slideshow div has no height set. When the JS kicks in, the text all moves down ans the slideshow div fills with content. Their browsers may be getting stuck at that point, not moving the text down when the slideshow content is loaded.

A simple solution to this would probably be to set a height on the #slideshow div, so that the browser preserves the space for it and puts the text below the slideshow where it belongs in the first place.

#slideshow {
height: 300px;