Layout doesn't look so good in IE 9

Why can’t these modern browsers use some basic standards on how html code is rendered? The following site looks great in Safari, but poor in IE 9.

What have I done wrong? Why are the fonts in the menu on the left different than the fonts for the content on the right? They should be the same. They look the same in Safari.

And how about the following URL? It’s putting text that should be up in the top paragraph along the side in a narrow column.

Ugh, please help!


It is because you have invalid markup. It is throwing IE into quirks mode. You have no DOCTYPE along with errors upon errors.

Thank you for pointing this out. I had a java script that was appearing before my DOCTYPE. All is well now.

Also, remove the stupid right-click script.

Why? I use this script to prevent people from copying content from my website unless they have upgraded their membership.

You can’t really hide anything on a webpage as the user just has to click view source and they have your content. All the right click script is really useful for is to annoy users.:slight_smile:

It doesn’t work if they have JavaScript disabled - and if they don’t, as Paul says, it will just annoy them. A compromise might be something like this site uses - it pops up a message, but doesn’t disable right-click functions.

Select (Drag-mouse while holding left-click) + CTRL C. Your no right-click scripts does nothing. All it does is annoy users. You don’t want them to copy then don’t put it online!