Layering Issue with FF Mac

Apparently the photo gallery photos, when clicked on, hide underneath a layer when popping up viewed in a FF Mac. I’ve been able to fix it for the PC browsers, but what to do with a fix for Mac browsers?

They’re visible here on Mac FF 3.6.15.

Thanks for checking. Apparently it’s still an issue that I’m trying to resolve.

If you can report the versions of FF and Mac OS that are throwing this problem I may be able to do a like for like test.

FF BETA 4.0 beta MAC. Sorry I can’t provide the OS, but here’s the screenshot.

I’ve tested it on most PC browsers and they all look well.

The slideshow displays correctly here in a fresh install of FF 4.0 (Mac OS 10.6.6).

Huh! Peculiar.

Thanks for checking for me! Maybe it’s the BETA?

Yes, it looks fine to me also.

Are you sure its not a cache issue your end?

Could be. I’ll have to look into that.