Layering Grids for Background Span?

I would like to make a background image or css box span the entire width and height of a grid design, rather than one cell. . . and confine the grid to that area, as well. Will I need to layer a grid on a grid to do this?

Sounds like a typical wrapper div should be able to do that. The wrapper would not have any grid styles to it and the grid would be nested within.

I’m just guessing but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. I’m also kinda confused about the grid parent div not allowing that to happen. Perhaps you should post a link or your code so we can see what your doing.

I will look and see if I am using the wrapper div properly. I have a feeling I may have a typo or something, because I thought it should be that simple, as well. I will report back, thanks!

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