Layer created w/rounded corners: can't apply gradient tool to it

I just created a layer with the rounded-corners tool, but it’s not letting me use the gradient tool on it…

is there a way around this? (obviously I need to preserve transparency…)

thank you…

May not be the advice you’re looking for (as I’m not very handy with Ps) but here’s what I do:

  • create new layer
  • create an object with rounded corners
  • right click > fill path…
  • in the Layers panel, click fx > gradient overlay and choose a gradient

You can also alter transparency/opacity in the Layers panel as well.
Hope that helps in some way. Perhaps there’ll be a better answer, and I’ll learn too!

You can’t use pixel-based tools to work on a vector-based layer, which is what the "
rounded - rectangle tool" produces.

Ralph is right that you can use a gradient as part of the layer style, and that is a pretty good way of working.

If you just gotta use the gradient tool, after you create your shape layer, ctrl-click the layer’s thumbnail in the layer pallet, so you’ve got a selection based on the shape. Then create a new layer (ctrl-alt-shift-n), and you can paint over that selection with the gradient tool.