Law school

Now, up until now I have been completely set on studying Computer Science or some such computer related major. Anyway, given recent events and a new outlook on life I recently achieved. Anyway, the phrase “the law is reason free from passion” got me thinking recently about going to law school. I have researched a few law schools, both in my own country and others. (UK, USA, Canada.)

I am still relatively young to choose what I will study after secondary school (high school) but I seem to have gotten hooked on this Law thing. I have taken several legal studies courses before, but they were just 3 week, or 1 month courses that I attended for a few hours a day. Nothing that’s going to get me into a partnership or anything, but I like this whole law thing.

So, I was just wondering … do any SitePointers practise law? Study law? Apply to law school but get rejected? I was just wondering what is generally required for admittance to law school? Not the emotional stuff, just the hard facts. What sort of GPA will I need? Will I need to take SATs, L-SATs or any of the other exams Americans can take? (Assuming I want to go to an American college.) What about Canada or England? Thanks guys.

I don’t study law, but I know the rough process. In high school, you should take the SAT. That is what will get you into most schools, you will have to check each school you want to apply to. The college I went to has a major called Law & Society, while it looks at the role of laws in society, it clearly states, “The L&S major is not designed as a pre-law major; it is not consciously constructed to assist students in applying to law school or succeeding in a legal career. Instead, the major stresses the skills central to a liberal arts education – reading insightfully, analyzing complex situations thoughtfully, communicating clearly and effectively. Students who seek to improve these skills, and who find the role of law in society compelling, are strongly encouraged to apply to the major.”

While most of the people that major in that, do want to Law School. Some schools offer a LLB degree, which is pre-law usally. Other majors could be political science, business and such. Once finished with undergrad, you look for a graduate program. To be able to say ‘I am a lawyer’, you need to earn a JD, which again differ from school to school.