Latest Web/Computer Technologies


What websites/magazines do you read to keep up with all the latest developments in the world of technology - mainly computers, internet, web development/design, software development.


try site point blogs

A List Apart, Freelance Switch, SitePoint, Smashing Magazine… but mostly, podcasts! I love them, getting my news in audio format means I keep in touch with the latest news while I work and I don’t have to waste time reading articles. I can just download a few MP3 files, and let the podcast host talk me through the weeks events in technology and web design. I am subscribed to 80 different shows (all of which are downloaded automatically for listening to) :slight_smile:

CNet, Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint, Too many RSS feeds to count…

i agree! +1 for radio.

cool! what podcasts you recommend?

For web professionals?

Web Hosting Show -
Web Axe -
Web Dev Radio -
Web Designer -
Tuts+ -
UIE Brainsparks -
FreelanceSwitch -
CreativeXPert -
SitePoint -
Boagworld -

Their the web related ones I listen too, however I can also recommend all the podcasts on, and (for general tech news). :slight_smile:

AnandTech -
[H]ardOCP -
PC-Mech -
techPowerUp! -
Toms Hardware Guide -
Six Revisions -
Noupe -
Tripwire Magazine -

These are a few of the most popular that I use on a daily basis. PC-Mech has probably the top-ranked tech forums around. I guess they are the “Sitepoint” of tech sites. :slight_smile: