Latest book you've read

I’ve just finished “The No1 Lawyer” by James Patterson and Nancy Allen. A defense lawyer successfully defends the son of a local gangster, then his wife is murdered. He is accused of conspiring to murder her, and has to defend himself. A decent story, not certain yet whether the title implies that this is the first of a series.

I’ve just finished “The Keys of Hell” by Jack Higgins. A British spy is trying to help recover a religious statue to help destabilise the government in Albania, but someone he trusts is trying to stop him. A decent enough tale, pretty short, first published in 1965 and “modernised” in 2001, though the modernisation is pretty simplistic and just consists of the spy reminiscing about the events and being taken to task for them. I’ve a few more to read by the same author, though I must admit I hope they’re not all from the sixties.

I’ve just read “The Cutting Edge” by Jeffery Deaver. A Lincoln Rhyme story, someone breaks into a diamond cutter’s workshop, kills the cutter and two witnesses and steals some diamonds, but another witness manages to get away. Lincoln and his team must try to find the witness in order to trap the killer, with a few twists. A good story, I always enjoy these.

I’ve just read “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave. A woman starts to hear bad news stories about fraud in the company her husband works for, and then can’t get hold of him and he seems to have disppeared. In trying to find him she starts to look back through his life along with her stepdaughter, and starts to discover some anomalies in his background. A decent book, enjoyed it.