Latest Blogs on homepage

Whoever has been working on the Latest Blogs section of the sitepoint homepage needs a good slapping with a web 101 handbook, right click an image. That’s right, No thumbnails, just a big huge image. Ewww, hi 1998! No one resizes with CSS, don’t ever do it. This is a website where noobs are suppose to come to get better, show an example. Very sad to see indeed.

Wasn’t there a link to the comments as well?


:lol: on upload with PHP, no cost needed, you can even copy the PHP from… this forum somewhere in a post I am sure. I don’t think Sitepoint is low on cash, unless all these ads are just a sign of their desperation for cash? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what images you are talking about. I don’t see any big huge image anywhere. Are you really talking about the blog home page? :confused:

I can’t believe I failed to mention specifically what I was talking about, I’m very sorry.

Next to the blog posts on the homepage is suppose to be an icon or thumbnail related to the post. Of course it looks like it is 50px by 50px but if you use firebug or just right click and view the image you’ll see it is much bigger. You can easily tell just by taking a good look on the homepage any way.

Take a look at “When the Boss is Away …” or “Cloud Computing Webinar: Full Recording” for some of the really bad ones.

It does indeed seem they are full weight images displayed as thumbnail size.

And I agree, IMHO NOT best practice.

Then again, maybe creating actual thumbnails for short lifespan images is not cost effective?