Lasting form variable after submit?

I have a form that allows you to type in a directory and then submit to retrieve all the files therein in a nice list. My question is this: how do I make that directory variable “last” after it’s been submitted?

Here’s my issue… When I submit the form, the files are generated with a check box (which will allow me to do stuff to the files) but once I check the files, I have to then re-type the directory prior to submit. I know this is probably trivial, but how do you make a variable submitted last after submit? Do I need to put it in an array?

Let me know if you need an example…

Sorry everybody. I think I figured it out.

Based from what I found here, I decided to check to see if the directory variable isset() after which I then use a little conditional to print the strlen() of directory if it’s available, otherwise, I have it print blank space. :slight_smile:

Seems to be working, but as always, I’d love to know if any of you know of better approaches outside of sessions and storing variables in external files…