Last Question - Why is movie clip in my button playing in loop?

I have a button and on the Over command I have it playing a movie clip. The movie clip is a simple tween with a white overlay that fades to an alpha value of 0. So, when you roll over the button, a flash of white appears that quickly fades out. I want this to happen once but it repeats the clip as long as the mouse is over the button.

I’m completely new to flash and am really only using it for this small detail on my portfolio home page. Last question about it I swear. :slight_smile: I just can’t seem to find the option anywhere to make this only play one time.

Also, if there is an easier way of doing this then putting in a movie clip please let me know. To summarize when you roll over the button I want it to one time flash white (1 frame), and in 10 frames fade to an alpha of 0%…but only happen one time. Thanks!