Las Vegas Holidays

Hello all!

Whats the best place you have been to in Holidays? Well for me its Las Vegas , its a great place for gambling lovers…Enjoyed a lot there

What about you guys?

I like Vegas…getting married there next year. Visited south Florida this spring…love Florida when there’s cool weather (spring and fall).

Vegas is magic, what’s happened in Vegas remains in Vegas…

Best place I’ve been on holiday was just outside Antolla, in Finland. We rented a little mökki and there were rocks warming in the sun at the edge of the calm lake… which was just warm enough to swim in. So we’d sit in the sauna until we were dying and then run out onto the docks and jump into the still water. Spent evenings in a little rowboat drinking Karhu (bear) beer. Was the most awesome place ever.

Owner only spoke Finnish and a smattering of German words. Oh well : )

Yes I agree, Florida is a wonderful place especially in the weather you have mentioned…I was there 4 years earlier in my vacation ! Enjoyed a lot