Largest SEO Company in India - an Amazing Story

I don’t usually link drop, but I hope it will be okay if I share this article about an amazing entrepreneur from India
Largest SEO Company in India

To summarize, I was the first customer of this company back in 2004, and I suggested they do some directory submissions. Now they have over 400 employees, and plan to double that in the next year. They do SEO work (often through resellers) for some of the most recognized brands on the net.

Are they also in India?
It really is amazing how some of these firms have grown. I was just speaking with one today that does programming. They have quite an operation.


Very inspiring story. I hope I could build a bigger company as I turn 18!

Try Mosaic ITES , from New Delhi India . Superb service providers. Really impressive skill set. Good at programming , Web site designing , SEO services and Link Building.

I am looking for a good SEO company, thanks for this…:slight_smile:

Even I know of a company that has grown leaps and bounds just from SEO and is still growing. From 3-4 ppl in 2006 to 325-350 ppl in 2010.

Very impressive story, Actually when I started my career in internet in 2004 I found that Indian Companies (Very Few) usually offered with Directory submission, Specially in the Southern part of the India. Although I am from Eastern part, West Bengal, I always worked on Backlinks making. What Ananda did is really impressive that mean directory still favourite part of SEO. I congratulate him and his team. Wish all the best.

WOW what a story - I might look at these guys for some of my sites - prices seem reasonable. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: