Large Scale Link Selling - Pricing? Management?

Hey all!

I am currently developing a website in the real-estate project which will come to a total of 50 domains (each one a different IP) and a total of somewhat between 3100 and 3200 subdomains. Each one with a “nice” blog :smiley:

Now I was thinking about selling sidebar/footer links (sidewide or index or something alike) but there in a scale this large I will probably face some problems.

First of all, if we’re going to look at sidewide links with at least 1k pages on each subdomain what price range could be reasonable?

And then the next, probably most difficult thing in this project. The link management… Is there any software out there allowing me to give potential customers a list to check their wanted sites and combine it with paypal to publish links once they are sold? Or do I have to code something for myself? (A self-hosted version would be best so nobody gets a commission for managing the software :smiley: )

Hope there is someone here being able to help me…

P.S.: Right forum? Or does this belong more to SEO as these links are probably not the best for moving visitors around the web?

Don’t need to try too hard… I guess you can make it with Google AdsManager

There is just one big problem with the AdsManager…

It is a Google App and I do not think it would be a perfect idea to sell links (without nofollow ^^) on any site using Google. I am just to paranoid about my rankings to go that way :smiley:

And probably I should be paranoid about PR also though I seem to be one of the only persons believing that PR doesn’t mean anything…

You could use our platform to do this. If you are looking to take advantage of having the SE’s follow links, I would suggest integrating links using the XML feed.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.



I found a good solution. There is one “Joomla Component” for link exchange…

I guess, it handle the paid as well as Reciprocal Links


Nice to hear that there seems to be a readymade solution available. Will look into the free version of your software during the next days on a local test server. Perhaps that is what I need :smiley:


Those “basic” Link Exchange components and scripts are available everywhere, mostly known for their use in the adult industry. Didn’t know there is a nice Joomla based one available though. Might use that one for some different projects of mine…

But after all I do not want to trade links, I want to sell them :smiley: