Laravel: Help with choosing the right API framework


Our company is about to start a real estate project and have decided to go with the laravel 5.3 framework. The first phase is to write the apis and then these apis will be consumed by the mobile team and the frontend team to build the official mobile app and the web portal respectively.

Now I am confused whether to use laravel’s built-in Resource controllers (as instructed in this tutorial or use the Dingo Api framework.

Could you please help me which one should I go for and why as per the requirements i mentioned above?

Thanks in advance

So let’s review your requirements. First you have to be able to write the api and then consume it. Seems reasonable enough.

Can you write an api using the built-in resource controllers? Yep. After you write, can you consume it? Yep. So the first choice seems to meet your requirements.

How about dingo? Does it allow you to write an api? Seems like it does. Can you then consume it? Sure. So once again, your detailed requirements are met.

So with two choices both of which meet your stated requirements then I’d suggest flipping a coin maybe? Or maybe come up with some real requirements?

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