Laptop hinges broken

I’m not going to say how it happened because it’s to embarrassing.

My laptop hinges are broken. So obviously instead of being able to have my laptop on my lap like I usually do I have to put something behind so it’ll stay up. This isn’t working for me though because I have to lean forward all the time towards the table I’m using and I don’t have a computer desk and chair to put it on.

My fiancee has a laptop, but it’s a Mac :nono: and I don’t really want to use it for development work.

Is there some kind of glue that’s good for plastics? Or some clamps or something I can get to fix this?

If you take off the covers over the hinges, does it look like there’s the head of a screw or nut at the end of each hinge? Some are designed so that you can tighten the hinges by screwing them, in order to adjust how much resistance they put to opening and closing. They can come loose over time and just need to be tightened.

the screen (lid) has literally snapped off from the hinges and keyboard (bottom). The only thing keeping the two parts together are the wires that connect the motherboard to the screen. So I think I literally need some good glue or something. I won’t be able to screw it back together. I should have elaborated more.

Thanks though Dan, you’ve answered nearly every thread I’ve started since I came back to the SPF :slight_smile:

You could try some two part epoxy, that might hold it depending on how it’s broken. Otherwise you could go to a hardware store and try to find some kind of angled metal bracket, or even some sheet metal you can bend into the right shape then glue to the case (making sure not to block any ventilation areas). It’s tricky though, as different kinds of glue adhere to different kinds of plastic differently… so some may not hold to the back of the screen depending on the surface.

I’m going to go to the hardware store and check out both options. Obviously I would prefer some kind of strong glue instead of metal brackets. I may not have much choice though, as the monitor is a large 17" display and I would be surprised if glue would hold it. I’m sure I can find some metal brackets thin enough to be unobtrusive. And it’s absolutely vital I do something so I can work at long intervals on my laptop.

Thanks again Dan.