Language (wording) advice


I need to create a menu item for future events, which of the following would be better?
Open to new suggestions if you think of something better or more appropriate.

“events to come”
“future events”

I’ve used “upcoming events” for events that will be in a shorter time span, i.e. events in the next 30 days

Thank you

For me, both of those clash with “upcoming events”, which would lead to confusion. I don’t feel I have enough information to give much advice here, but perhaps you could have one tab for “Events”, and split that into two sub categories, such as “coming soon” and “coming later” etc.—just so they are clearly distinguished.

Thank you.

I see, and that’s what I am after: seeing it from the user’s view.

If you need to take a look at the site to have a better picture here it is:
It’s work in progress, so if you happen to notice something else please feel free to share, I am testing (local) to add past events, and archive them.

I agree with @ralphm and would like to add, perhaps you should simply offer “Events next week” and “Events in the Future”. Of course next week could easily be next month depending upon your context.

Thank you too.

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