Labels and SEO?


Is there any importance of ‘labels’ in SEO, while creating a blog…and also please tell how one can make the best use of labels option on a blog…Is there a specific way which can help increasing traffic…Thanks

Labels are needed in grouping your blog post. It depends on you if you want to categorize your blog posts.

Labeling your blog post or sites helps the visitor in finding the right page he/she is looking.

I hadn’t really thought about it at all really, not in that way anyways.

I think just the fact that you have multiple categories on your site increases your potential audience, it’s just a matter of doing proper SEO to get those categories indexed high enough in the rankings to get noticed by the people who are looking for the stuffs that your pages supply.

labels/tags help a lot in SEO. you should make a small list of tags and each post you make should have some of them.

while doing link building build links for those tag pages as well.

You can put labels to your blog and this would bring you upper in Google, if you put some key words often searched. The more labels you put, wth known words the more chances you have for your blog to be visited.

You are so so true man! Thanks for sharing experience :slight_smile:

The idea of being able to add “labels” to query terms is interesting but how many users do you think will really search on Google by adding labels to their searches? The answer is not sure!

Though using label searches will make it easier to find pages that are relevant for a particular situation, it is only known to advanced users.

However, you can use tags/labels on your posts because placing tags could be easier to implement for many sites, and in my observations I have seen some good benefits to my sites ranking on SERP’s