Kungfu Panda 2, Pirates, Fast & furious

Recently I watched all these 3 movies Kungfu Panda 2, Pirates, Fast & furious 5 which were all really entertaining movies.

I would vote Kungfy Panda as the best amongst them with hilarious part in every single minute of the movie. Pirates was not up tp the expextation i had, may be because of my too much expextation. FF5 was cool thou with lots of action.

I watched Pirates Carribean last Sunday. hm… the most impressive part is when they are hunting/fighting with mermaids. All the mermaids really look beautiful!

Pirates has a lot of beauty faces, Johnny Deep, Penelope Cruz, the mermaid … which I find the attraction. The story in fact not that attractive.

Yeah I agree, there were lots of beautiful faces in pirates… The mermaids were pretty cool and beautiful and also scary :slight_smile:

I wonder if there would be another sequel coming.

I will go watch kongfu panda 2, loved the first one.

All movies are great and good for enjoyment.I have watched all movies but Pirates was very interesting.Jack sparrow has done a great job here.

I will watch them all !

I prefer kungfu panda 2, even if I did’nt see it, but I am sure I will enjoy it ! like kungfu panda 1 :slight_smile:

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Fast Five. Both movies are very entertaining …

noted all movies name … try to collect 'em …

All there 3 movies Kungfu Panda 2, Pirates, Fast & furious 5 are vary good in there own way
the scan i like The Rock & Vin Diesel Fight scan in Fast & furious 5

I like all three movies in different prospective. Kung Fu Panda is a good animated comedy movie. The pirtates of the Caribbean 4 parts is good adventure movie and Fast & Furious 5 part is a good speed and action movie.

from all the 3…i only watch pirates…and i think the previous one is better than this one…

I think everyone’s had enough with Pirates, even though I wouldn’t mind seeing the sequel. F&F I’ll never get tired of since I’m a car nut, it’s obvious that no one else is tired of the movie series either since they’re alread on a fifth one. Kungfu Panda 2 I hear is pretty funny.

I love the new KungFu Panda 2 and the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

try hangover 2 also :slight_smile:

kung fu panda is the best of all the three
i liked it

I’m interested in seeing the new Pirates movie (I saw the first 3), but it hasn’t gotten very good reviews, so we’ll see…

I’ve seen all the movies you mentioned including hangover II and still I vote for kung fu panda 2 as the best movie of the season !

Actually they’re all my kids favorite… Just watched the FF5 last week and I love the sexy cars specially when they hit the road already…

I saw Kung Fu Panda and it was decent. Not as good as the first but decent. Fast & Furious 5 was mindless fun to watch. I have no desire to see Pirates.