Korean translator for website?

My new client is going to want to target the Korean market with their website. Is there an application that will make their website translate to Korean? What is the smartest way I should go about accomplishing this?
Thanks for your help.

Google, Bing and Yahoo all offer Translation services (and they are FREE). I believe they also provide an API (of sorts).

You can use automated translation method as the one suggested above but to be really successful there is only one way: spend money and pay for a good Korean translator, if possible with good experience in copywriting. Automated systems do translate the text but the results areā€¦ funny, to say the least.

Thanks for the feedback. By the way, what does API stand for?

Application Programming Interface. Basically, it is the set of libraries (if any), functions, methods and properties that the software developer gives to other programmers so that they can personalize or manipulate the original program.