Know Any Good Listing Platforms?

I’m trying to rank two projects that I run simultaneously. Let’s call them, the “money site” where I sell my designing services, and the “traffic side project” where I share useful stuff about design and things like that. I created the latter just for the purpose of spreading link juice to the “money site”. I don’t have than many resources to allocate for both. All ad campaigns that I’m running are for the “money site”.
I was thinking to enlist my “side project” to various listing platforms just to increase its visibility. Can you name a few good places?

Many local business listing site. You can submit your services there easily. Why not try social media as a likes facebook, instagram…etc. Instagram is most popular social media app, where you promote your services easily.

The Business Listing is the effective way which comes under SEO techniques that are effective way to enhance visibility. Other than you can try Local SEO techniques. … a new one in the segment where you can list and sell your services along with presenting useful documents.

You do understand, don’t you, that links which you place yourself are given very little credence by search engines? Your second site may well help with driving traffic to the main site, but it’s unlikely to have much benefit for SEO.

Likewise, links on directory and similar sites are of little value. Reputable sites will mark user-submitted links as nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, so again, they may be useful for traffic, but not for SEO.

Creating links with the intention of manipulating PageRank or SERPs is a violation of Google’s guidelines: Bing has similar policies:

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