Knife tool in illustrator

is there any way to make the knife tool in illustrator stay in a straight line? i want to cut some text in half…so also if there is another way to cut a clean straight line from left to right throught some text then tell me!! thanks

not that i know of…but here’s what i would do instead:

use the pen tool to draw a horizontal/vertical line (keep shift pressed when setting the end point, as this will keep the line snapped to 45 degree increments). then, select both the shape and the path, then - in your pathfinder toolbar (View -> Show Pathfinder) click divide. now ungroup the result, and you’ll have your individual pieces.

for text, you will need to convert it to outlines first.

Hold down Option and Shift on a Mac… On a PC I would assume its Alt and Shift. This only gives you 45 degree increments.

Also Control and Option (Mac) Alt and Control (PC) is the best way to use the knife. It keeps it straight but still gives you more angles.

interesting…i tried shift, as that’s how most other programs handle this, and it didn’t work. never thought of doing alt+shift
bizarre. cheers iwinweekly :wink: