Kinect for Windows

Hello Friends,

For all who love innovation, here’s a good news for you. The new Kinect for Windows would be available from the very next month. Unlike other heldheld motion-sensing controllers, Microsoft has tattered the existing paradigm by inventing new user interface system that can track human, recognize gestures, voice and more. This technology has huge enterprise potential that can prove to be helpful where mice and keyboards are inconvenient to use.

Here is the full information:


It may be interesting to see it on Windows computers and away of the XBox world… furthermore for those who don’t own one and therefore haven’t felt the Kinect experience :slight_smile:

It seems more like they’re trying to reach the middle ground between PC, Phone, and Xbox from the Windows Phones and Windows 8 showcases and the new Xbox update. Which in and of itself could be interesting too.

im quite excited about this!! Ive played it on the xbox and loved it !

I think so too. I still don’t see what their goal could be, as a XBL crossover PC/Xbox is pretty much unthinkable from a game balancing standpoint.
Kinect on PC will probably still sell though.