Keywords in File Names


Doubt in naming a file. Consider a file that describes about Management Aptitude Test i.e, Mat Exam. Whether is it good to name the file as management-aptitude-test.php or mat-exam.php. Both are equal, but which will the serps consider the best?

This is one of the most popular methods to get keywords in top 10. I use it for internal pages keywords getting in top result.

While having key words in your URL will be of some help with SEO, if you’ve marked up your page content and built your navigation and links properly it will give you very little extra benefit. Having a short, easy-to-type filename will definitely help people using the site as it is much easier to type in.

Do you have a source for that? I’ve never seen anything that says max 31 before, and I’m sure I’ve seen webpages with longer filenames than that.

Not least because when you’re editing the site later, you don’t want to be trying to remember if it’s DSCF0136.jpg or DSCF0316.jpg you need - if it’s castle.jpg that’s much easier for you to work with!

same with photos…if you have a photo blog or site…you must be patient renaming then…

I guess it all depends on what keywords you think your users will be typing into Google. If for example you think a lot of people will be typing ‘Management Aptitude’ then naming the page ‘management-aptitude-test.php’ is definitely the way to go.