Keywords for Beauty Salon?

What are some good keywords to use for a ladies beauty salon?

So far I’ve got: Salon Spa, Inner Beauty Spa, Hair Salon, Nail Salon

I don’t know anything about this industry and am having a hard time coming up with a list of applicable keywords.

Also, is it a good idea to capitalize the first letter of each keyword?
Somebody told me once that this was a good idea.

OK, I got a few more keywords so I should be good there…

What about this capitalizing keywords stuff?

it is not necessary to capitalize the keyword phrases when typing them into Google to do a search query. As for related keywords and phrases for the search term “ladies beauty salon” you need to find out what your target auidence is. Are you trying to sell products or services? ladies beatuy salon is a borad niche. Do you want keyword directly related to that query? or more percise such as

Keyword / Google Global Monthly Searchs
beauty salon products - 3,600
beauty salon spa - 14,800
beauty salon facial - 880
beauty salon prices -2,900

Or are you looking to optimize for a local website? If so you would want to target local keywords.

hair cut, manicure, pedicure, bikini wax, waxing, hair dying, etc…

Yes, a local booty salon so all I need is an extensive list for beauty salons so I can add mix in keywords for city, county, state, planet, and universe so everybody knows where this salon is located.

Why not use Google adword keyword tool to check competition of keywords and select high
competition keywords.It will also suggest related keywords.

Thought you had to be a “member” with a Google account for that?

thank you LocalSEOexpert, may I ask where you got those statistics?

Maybe he got them from “Thin Aire Statistical Services, Inc” :lol:


Probably from the Google Adwords tool or one of the other many products that do the same thing

You get a helpful answer (which is rare enough on SP) and then you insult the person who gave you the answer. Classy

Ah, c’mon man…have we no sense of humor?

I was just kidding around…I’ll try not to do that on any future posts you make in case you aren’t in agreement that a little humor is good for the soul.

And, yes thanks for the Google idea…I’m using it now.