Keyword Stuffing Indication


I’m surprised and pretty disappointed by the performance of one of my client’s sites against one of their target SEO keyphrases. It’s being indexed and appearing on page 8 - 9 on Google SERPS. It’s a prominent phrase in titles, h1 and content and other phrases are doing very well despite being lower priority.

In webmaster tools -> your site on the web -> keywords, this target phrase is not listed at all, despite featuring a very healthy (but hopefully not excessive) number of times throughout the site. Does this mean that it is being ignored as possibly being overused - or would that be a blacklisting offense and the site wouldn’t appear at all in SERPS.

Any thoughts or info most welcome.

Need more info really. Can you tell us the phrase and site in question?

As you provide the information according that your site is penalized but chek the index if you have some page which is index then your site is not penalized. So please provide the some more information to provide the best answer.